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The world today is changing at an unprecedented pace; never before in the history of mankind has change been so pervasive and so visible. It took Europeans almost a thousand years before they could move from wooden galleys to ocean-going caravels. It took those living in the modern age only three decades to move from horses to Hurricane planes, and another two to move from Spitfires to Sputnik. The rate of change is evident not only in the technological field, but in everything one considers. Politics, economics, trade and diplomacy are all undergoing massive changes and developments. A rapidly changing world warrants rapid analysis of these changes if one attempts to thrive.

Here at Geoghegan For Congress, we attempt to help you maneuver your way through this world by bringing you speedy analysis on global issues, future trends and shifting paradigms. Covering a wide range of topics, from politics to economics, and technology to diplomacy, we provide in-depth analysis about the events which are affecting history, while delving into the historic roots of these events themselves. If the future trajectory of the world enthuses you even as it’s past captivates your imagination, this website is perfect for you. If it doesn’t, then maybe a quick reading of one of our posts may change that; after all, the only thing that can change faster than the world is what inhabits it.

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